Is dustless tile removal worth it? We have been hearing this question quite a bit lately. With dustless tile removal prices ranging from just over $3 per square foot to upwards of $5 – is it really worth the money? Most “non dustless” flooring removal companies are less than half the cost! This begs the question, what are the pros and cons of dustless tile removal.

Dustless tile removal is awesome. It’s amazing that all that tile and thin set can be removed with power tools and create zero dust. Although I may have to argue ZERO dust is left in your home, but it is minimal. Using hepa filter equipped vacuums and filters goes a long way to keeping the air free from dust (most of it anyway). However, these vacuums and filters are expensive and result in a more expensive service. If you want dustless – be prepared to pay for it.

One draw back is the time it takes to complete a dustless tile removal job. Our riding floor scraping machine allows us to complete jobs significantly faster than our competitors. The majority of our jobs are completed before our lunch break!

Here at Removal Tech we don’t claim “dustless”, however we do carry and use hepa vacuums and filters on every job we take on.  We hang plastic, set up negative air systems and filter out a ton of dust on every job! Our prices are also far more affordable than that of the “dustless” companies. With the money you save, you could hire a cleaning crew to clean your home for a year! Leaving your home a dusty mess is never an option. Call and talk to us about what we do to keep your homes and offices clean during demo day!

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