Ride-on scrapers

Rent our 3000 lbs ride-on floor scraper to easily remove tile, thinset, wood, stone, glued down carpet, vinyls and more!

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Ride-on flooring scraper


Our ride-on flooring scraper can be used both residentially and commercially to remove a variety of floor covers. Tile, thinset, glues, hardwood floors, carpets, vinyl, stones and more.

The Hurricane is just the right balance of weight and power for its size. The Hurricane’s weight can be reduced down to 1,300 lbs. if needed for elevator access, etc. The single joystick in your right hand is for direction and speed control. Your left hand joystick controls the blade height and angle. The patented twisting blade bar keeps your tooling flat to the surface you are scraping.  This can also be locked into place to keep from twisting if needed.   

Technical Data
Item: Hurricane
Engine: 25 HP Kohler Propane EFI
Maximum speed: 440 feet/minute
Dimensions: 51.5″ X 25″ x 57″
Machine without weights: 1,300 lbs
Removable weight: 1500 lbs
Total weight: 2,800 lbs
Price: $600/day. Call 602-888-0353 for details

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