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No matter how well it’s installed, all flooring needs to be replaced eventually. Whether it’s porcelain tiles, laminate flooring, or another type of floor material, replacing your floor usually involves following several complicated steps and using a wide variety of tools to get the job done, which can be both costly and time-consuming. 

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Renting a vinyl floor or tile removal machine in Phoenix can reduce the number of DIY tools that you need and help the process go a lot smoother.

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Vinyl Floor & Ceramic Tile Removal Machines in Phoenix


Our ride-along flooring scraper can be used in both residential and commercial projects. This machine easily removes a variety of flooring materials, such as bathroom ceramic tiles, kitchen ceramic tiles, and more. Not only is it a perfect blend of weight and power, but it also saves your knees and joints from a lot of crouching down, kneeling, and bending over.

Before beginning, prep the area by removing free-standing items and baseboard trim, sealing vents, and covering immovable objects. Once you’re ready, you can use our ceramic tile and vinyl floor removal tool rental to more easily remove flooring material. 

After the flooring material has been removed, use the vinyl floor and tile removal machine to easily remove underlayment, if needed, and floor adhesive (which is notoriously difficult to remove using other methods).

Technical Data
Item: Hurricane
Engine: 25 HP Kohler Propane EFI
Maximum speed: 440 feet/minute
Dimensions: 51.5″ X 25″ x 57″
Machine without weights: 1,300 lbs
Removable weight: 1500 lbs
Total weight: 2,800 lbs
Price: $600/day. Call 602-888-0353 for details

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Do yourself a favor before you begin your next floor removal project and get yourself a tool that helps save time and effort. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use our tile removal machine for you next project in Phoenix.


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