Saltillo Tile Floor Removal in Phoenix, AZ

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It’s no wonder Saltillo tile installation is popular in Arizona and across the Southwest: It’s beautiful, practical, and ideal for the hot, dry climate. But eventually, you may be ready to replace your Satillo tile floors with a new type of tile, hardwood, or carpet.

At this point, it’s time to tear out your tiles, and you’ll want a reputable company like Removal Tech to get the job done right.

As your best source for Saltillo tile removal in Phoenix, we’re experienced with quickly and efficiently removing all types of Saltillo tile floor in the Phoenix area. We know how to remove tiles without doing damage to your property and can get it done much faster than you might be able to yourself. But if you want to go the DIY route, we also offer flooring removal equipment rental.

Removing Saltillo Tile Floor Phoenix, AZ

Saltillo tile removal requires a masonry hammer, masonry chisel, and electric hammer-drill with masonry chisel. First, we’ll take the masonry chisel and hold it at an angle to the grout, then tap the head of the chisel to slowly remove it.

Once the grout is gone, we’ll set the electric hammer-drill to chisel mode and place it at an angle between the floor and the tile. Then we’ll chip away at the mortar join until the tile comes off. (This can be a messy process, and many tiles could crack and break along the way.)

Lastly, we’ll give the whole floor a once-over and remove any remaining mortar using the masonry hammer and chisel.

Professional Saltillo Tile Floor Removal in Phoenix, AZ

Removal Tech is the Saltillo tile removal expert in Phoenix, AZOur customer reviews speak for themselves: We have all the right tools and range of services to complete the job quickly and precisely. Contact us today to get an affordable quote for your residential or commercial property.

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