Vinyl Tile Removal in Phoenix, AZ

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Your once-gleaming vinyl floors are now looking worn and tired. It’s time to replace them with new ones, and you’re getting ready to tackle the big task on your own. This project can be quite the load to handle and if not done correctly, can cost you more than your wallet would like. Luckily, Removal Tech offers affordable vinyl tile removal in Phoenix, AZ so you can save time and make sure the job gets done right.

Our Process for Removing Vinyl Tile Phoenix, AZ

Removing vinyl tile in Phoenix will require a pry bar, five-in-one tool, wood block, utility knife, heat gun, and mallet or hammer. Here are the steps:

1. Remove the baseboards and quarter-round. To do so, place the wood block above the baseboard, then put the flat part of the prybar on top. Force the bar under the trim and pry it off slowly, so as not to break the trim.

Take out the center of the floor. You can do this easily by cutting 8 inches from the walls in a parallel line, then by cutting in narrow strips about 18 inches wide.

3. Remove the perimeter flooring. Use the pry bar to pull up the glued flooring, using strong force. Use the five-in-one tool to begin pulling off the vinyl. Then, when you can get a good grip, pull by hand.

4. Take out remaining flooring with the heat gun. Turn the heat gun to the lowest setting, wave it around between the flooring and the subfloor, and then pull the section off.

5. Throw away flooring. Fold vinyl like an accordion to dispose of in the trash can.

Be warned: This whole process of removing vinyl flooring can be very tedious and labor-intensive. Depending on the installation quality, you could have a very hard time getting all of the flooring to pull up. Hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and headache, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing the job was done right. But, if you’re determined to take this project on yourself, look to Removal Tech to supply you with your vinyl tile removal machine rentals in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas.

Let Us Do the Heavy Duty Work!

Removal Tech has the expertise for removing vinyl tile in Phoenix. As our customer reviews show, we’re always fast, efficient, and professional. And if you’re still interested in going the DIY route, we also offer vinyl tile removal machine rental for DIY projects. Contact us today for a free quote!

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