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When you’re removing wood flooring in Phoenix, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how big the job is. If you do it alone, removing wood floors can be very time-consuming and physically straining. Instead, many Phoenix residents choose to hire a professional wood floor removal company in Phoenix, AZ to do the job.

Removing Wood Flooring in Phoenix

At Removal Tech, we take great care to remove wood flooring the right way, without damaging the subfloor or disturbing other parts of your home or business.

Our commercial and residential services start the same way: by bringing in the right professional tools, including a circular saw, pry bar, mallet, nail claw, large magnet, and proper safety gear. Then, we prepare the space by:

  • Clearing out furniture
  • Decluttering
  • Protecting any fixtures or furniture that can’t be removed by covering them with a tarp 
  • Remove floor heating vents and baseboards
  • Protect adjoining rooms against dust using tarps

Once all the prep work is done, we protect the subfloor and cut the hardwood into smaller sections. Then, the hardwood is ready to come up, starting from the edge and working inward. 

Last, we clean up the debris. We use a large magnet to collect nails and staples, then sweep up sawdust and thoroughly vacuum the space.

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